CAbin Systems design Toward passenger welLbEing

CASTLE is the acronym of CAbin Systems design Toward passenger welLbEing. It is funded by the Clean Sky 2 Programme. GEVEN SpA is the Project coordinator.

Call: JTI-CS2-2015-CPW02-AIR-02-08

“Cabin systems and ergonomics, comfort & human perception improvements”
Type of Action: Clean Sky 2 – Airframe ITD / Grant Agreement 699777
Duration: 69 months / Start Date: 01 July 2016

CASTLE is devoted to achieve an improved and optimized passenger cabin environment by means of an innovative and integrated design approach mainly based on: Human factor issues regarding ergonomics, anthropometrics, as well as effects of vibration, noise and motion on passenger, crew and PRM;  Noise and vibration, including active and passive treatments; Environmental friendly cabin materials to improve human interaction with cabin materials in terms of comfort and health issues;  Safety-related systems, including fire worthiness concepts and procedures; Main cabin system (cabin lighting, passenger seats, galley, lavatory, lining panels, stow bins, thermal insulation blankets) interfacing with passenger, flight attendant and PRM in their living and operative spaces.